Wingate Parking Lot Construction Schedule Update

Parking Lot Paving Schedule Delay

So things were moving along these past few days. We could see the light at the end of the tunnel. We could see the finish line…and then this happened! On Friday, the machine that applies the seal coat broke down. The defective part has been fixed and the construction crew will be returning Monday (9/1) to continue with the project where they left off.

The Wingate community leadership knows this is frustrating to have so many parking restrictions along with a delay in the schedule. We hear you and we understand the inconvenience this has caused. We too, have been inconvenienced by this project. All schedule deviations were due to circumstances that no one could control, so we’ll have to make the “best of it together as a community. We ask that you please do not park or drive in the areas of the community that are currently blocked off. 

Here is the updated schedule, but judging by our track record of unforeseen events, that will only last until an extra-terrestrial space invasion or the DeLorean’s flux capacitor breaks down again.

Monday (9/1) – They will finish applying the seal coat and striping of AREA 1 and AREA 2. No parking will be allowed in this area. If you see construction cones, please do not go around them, they are there for a reason. Please also refrain from walking or riding bikes on the road, unless you enjoy cleaning a tar solution off your shoes and tires. Parking restrictions on AREA 1 and AREA 2 will be lifted on Tuesday at 7:00 AM.

Tuesday (9/2) – Crack and seal coat and striping of AREA 3 and the North side of our community entrance. All vehicles, bikes, trailers, and boats will need to be moved out of this area no later than Tuesday @ 8:00AM. Any of the listed left in the area after Tuesday will be towed so that construction work may be completed. Parking restrictions on AREA 3 will be lifted on Wednesday, once the construction cones are removed. 

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