Window Coverings – Reminder

Do you have anything other than curtains, drapes, shades, shutters, or blinds in your windows?

If  so, please take this opportunity to resolve the issue now. If you receive a warning letter, please act to avoid unnecessary fines. Our Managing Agent and Volunteer HOA Board are available to answer any questions you have concerning our community rules. Residents within our community are bound to follow our governing documents of our Association, which  include the Declarations (CC&Rs), By-laws, Rules & Regulations and Architectural Guidelines.


“…Each home is required to have window coverings. Only curtains, drapes, shades, shutters or blinds may be installed as window covers. No aluminum foil, newspapers, reflective film coatings, or any other similar materials may be used to cover the exterior windows of any residential structure on a Unit….”

Effective Rules & Regulations requires the cooperation of all Residents of the Association. The best approach to resolving a difference with a neighbor is to talk to your neighbor directly. However, should this not resolve the problem, an official complaint can be filed with the Community Manager and/or Board. Each Resident’s cooperation and participation is encouraged. This is your home, your association and these are your rules. Let’s work together to have a great community!

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