Parking Lot Construction Schedule Update August 12th-16th

Parking Lot Construction to continue…


Here is the updated schedule sent to us after the delays caused by the rain. Thank you for understanding that we in no way desire to delay this project. Precision Asphalt wants to make sure it gets done right, even if that means inconveniencing us for a few extra days. 

The Wingate parking lot construction will continue August 12th through August 16th. To ensure longevity of our new parking lot, we have prepared some important information for you to follow during construction:

  • Areas of the parking lot will be restricted during construction. The construction crew will use barricades and tape to identify the restricted areas. You cannot drive vehicles into these areas, no exceptions! If a vehicle associated with your unit has driven through a restricted area, the homeowner will be assessed a $500 fine and be responsible for damages caused and the cost of repair. If your reserve spot is within a restricted area, please do not leave your vehicle parked in your reserved spot.
  • Some residents may not have access to their reserved parking during construction. In lieu of your reserved parking, you may park your vehicle on the West side of the community (except on August 16th) or on the southbound side of Redwood road. The Wingate HOA has cleared parking on Redwood road with Salt Lake City and Dry Creek Construction; the company working on Redwood road construction.

Restricted Areas (subject to change) based on construction needs. (See enclosed map)

Area 1: No parking August 12-16th

Area 2: No parking August 15th

Area 3: No parking August 16th

Important Note: Please remove your vehicle from the specified areas. If your vehicle is left in these areas during the specified times, it may be towed to another area of the community at owner’s expense.

The parking lot construction time table is as follows:

  • August 12th: Prepare area 1 for water-way and paving
  • August 13th: Complete installation of the drain box, drain pipe, and waterway in area 1
  • August 14thPaving of the community entrance, NORTH portion only
  • August 14th: Paving of the community entrance, SOUTH portion only
  • August 15thCrack and Seal coat for south side of entrance and area 2 of our parking lot
  • August 16thCrack and Seal coat for north side of entrance and area 3 of our parking lot

See enclosed map for detailsPresentation1


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