Trailer Registration

Trailer Parking
As of June 1, 2013 the HOA will be allowing up to 5 trailers to be parked in the West parking lot for a monthly fee of $20.00. The trailers must have current registration and be registered to an owner or tenant. Each trailer may only take up one (1) parking space and may not be used as living quarters. Trailers will be registered with the community and they are provided on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in parking a trailer or recreational vehicle, please submit an action request with our agent.

Our community requires that you register any vehicle or trailer that you plan to park within our community and adhere to our parking rules. We are confident that these guidelines will provide an improved parking experience for all residents of our community. As a homeowner and member of our association, you should fully understand these guidelines. Where can you find our Parking rules? Please click here to access our Law of the Land page, then scroll down to the Rules and Regulations section.

In order to register your vehicle and be in compliance with the rules, please submit an action request with our managing agent and provide the following information in your request:

  1. Contact Information: Your Name / Telephone Number / Unit Number
  2. What you are requesting: Adding, Removing, or Replacing a trailer
  3. Trailer Information: Make /Model /License Plate

Once you have this information available, please click here to open an action request with our agent. If you need assistance in learning how to use this system, please click here to watch our training video.