The 3 P’s of Property Maintenance to Remember for your home at Wingate

As member of the Wingate Townhomes homeowners association there are some important things to understand to help you protect your assets. If you remember the three P’s of property maintenance then you’ll be on your way to being a valued member of our community.


  1. Pay your HOA fees.

As a member of our association you are required to pay monthly fees to the association. The purpose of these fees is to cover maintenance for common areas, as well as amenities in the association. Keep in mind that the governing documents of our homeowners association describe what exactly your HOA fees are being used for and what the HOA is responsible for.


  1. Proper upkeep of your home.Many homeowners associations tell you what you can and cannot do when it comes to the exterior of your home. The main purpose for this is to keep a consistent look throughout the association and maintain attractive curb appeal. These rules are in place to help the association is trying to keep a somewhat uniformed and maintained look. Having these policies in place will ensure that your neighbor won’t have cars parked on the lawn, paint their house pink, or have their collection of garbage on display.


  1. Plan for surprise repairs. We are a planning unit development (PUD), not a condominium and there are vast differences between them. This means you are responsible for most aspects of your home’s maintenance.The best thing you can do as a member of your homeowners association is be informed. Make it a point to understand what your association is responsible for and what you are responsible for. Take a moment to understand the rules and regulations, commit to putting them into practice and you’ll be a pro at property maintenance in your homeowners association.