Summertime Barbecues & Safety!

The summer season is not complete without a sizzle of a barbecue alongside family and friends. It is our American tradition, so dust of that grill and get your party started. To ensure your barbecue is a complete success, let’s talk about safety. We visited with our local firehouse to learn the latest rules pertaining to barbecuing. Here is the a synopsis of our discussion with the firehouse.

You can keep your propane grill and tank in your back patio whether you have a bigger container (like the 20 lbs) or the small container (like the 2 1/2 lbs). The difference is, when in operation (i.e., in use) if you have any container above 2 ½ lbs, the barbecuer/tank must be at least 10 feet way from the building. So open your back patio door, move your grill a few more feet away and get your cook on! If you have the small 2 ½ lbs container, you are free to cook in your back patio, although for safety, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to cook as farther way from the building as possible. Please remember that your back patio fences are made of vinyl and you should be careful not to damage it with the heat from the grill.

Our community declarations state that we adopt local laws and ordinance and city does have some laws on the books. Our city adopts the international fire code standards, the latest version was released in 2012. For your convenience, as of July 2014, here is what the current code say:

“308.1.4 Open-flame cooking devices. Charcoal burners and other open flame cooking devices shall not be operated on combustible balconies or within ten (10) feet of combustible construction. Exceptions: (a) One-and-two family dwellings. (b) Where buildings, balconies and decks are protected by an automatic sprinklers system. (c) LP-gas cooking devices having LP-gas container with a water capacity not greater than 2½ pounds.”

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