Satellite Dish Subscribers, Listen Up…

After an extensive review of options, we have hired “Good Guys Satellite” to help preserve our asserts (buildings/roofs) while adhering to our rules and regulations. Many of our homeowners have not followed our community rules in satellite placement. So in order to preserve the value of our your home while keeping up its appearance, the HOA will be working with Good Guys to remove and consolidate the satellite dishes that are improperly installed on our buildings, and to ensure that future services are installed according to the HOA bylaws.

Good Guys wants to make sure you have the services you want and that you are getting the best prices available to you. Good Guys is a full service retailer and offers both Dish Network and DIRECTV satellite systems as well as the major internet providers. We are also able to offer you home security and whole home automation through Vivint. We do all of the install work, and are on call for troubleshooting and issues regarding your service.

If you current subscribe to satellite services, please fill out this form and return it as soon as possible so we will know who’s services need to be kept and which satellites are no longer in use. Thank you in advance for all of your cooperation. We look forward to working with you!! Feel free to contact Good Guys with any questions or concerns. We are hoping to have your responses as soon as possible. Again, we offer any service you want, and can explain promotions and pricing with CenturyLink, Xfinity(Comcast), Dish Network, DirecTV and Vivint.

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Phone: 208-757-1362

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