RESPONSE NEEDED! Satellite Dish Consolidation – IMPORTANT

The project that will unify (also clean up) our satellite dishes will begin soon.

The idea is simple. Each building will only have one satellite dish for each satellite service provider (Dish Network and DirectTV) installed. Each dish will be installed following the directives established in our CC&R’s. All other equipment will be taken down.

The work will be done in phases and the entire project will have no cost to our community.

We need you to answer one simple question:

Do you currently subscribe to satellite service from any satellite provider?

We need your answer no later than the end of the day of August 17th, 2015. Not providing an answer will indicate to the HOA that you currently do NOT subscribe to satellite service from any satellite provider. That means that if your unit has any satellite hardware, it will be taken down. If YOU fail to provide an answer and you currently DO subscribe to satellite service from any satellite provider, re-connection will take place at your expense.

Please provide your answer by submitting an action item to ACS’s web site, or by emailing the HOA board directly at

In exchange for the investment that will provided to our community, the board has agreed to exclusively allow one company to handle all future subscriptions to Dish Network and DirectTV.

If you are in need to subscribe to satellite services Dish Network and DirectTV please contact:

Erik Pyper – Owner
Good Guys Satellite
(208) 757-1362

Subscribing to satellite services via Good Guys Satellite will cost identically as if you were subscribing directly with DirectTV, Dish Network, or any other contractor directly.

Please do NOT contact anyone else in regards to satellite services seeing that our homeowner’s association is under contract and any cost related to failing to subscribe to satellite services through Good Guys Satellite will be passed on to you.

Also please take a couple of minutes to take the survey from Good Guys Satellite, so they can better understand the services that our residents currently have (if any). Please click on the following link to take the survey:

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate in submitting an action item.

Thank you,

Wingate Village Townhomes HOA

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