Protect your home, understand what you need to be maintaining.

We want to protect you!

We are sharing information so you can plan, protect, and maintain your home. Avoid a terrible experience of fire, flood, and any other home disaster through proper maintenance and knowledge of your role with your home. We have noticed a misunderstanding between many homeowners and their responsibilities. Our community is a planned unit development meaning homeowners are responsible for most aspects of their home. This includes electrical, wiring, plumbing, and main service lines that feed your individual unit that exist within, outside, around, and underground of your living space.

Did you know? You are responsible for the water or electrical main, once it leaves a “common” distribution system.

Wingate is a Planned Unit Development (PUD)

While PUD can appear similar to a condominium, there are major differences between them that we will discuss here, so let’s take a look. The Planned Unit Development, or PUD, is a type of residential development where the homes are usually grouped together on lots that are smaller with larger, shared common areas. The common areas that are within the development are owned jointly by all the residents, so if there were 92 town homes then each owner would have 1/92th ownership. Another feature is that the land beneath the home is also included in the ownership of the property. Wingate IS NOT a Condominium (Cond0) In a condominium, there is an undivided ownership in the common elements, meaning that everyone is part owner but no one owns a certain percentage like in a PUD development. Most people are familiar with condos.

A district difference between PUD and condos is ownership and responsibility. Ownership consists of everything within the walls of the unit and any other amenities such as storage closets that may be included. Everything outside of the walls such as hallways, lobbies, exercise rooms, or pools, etc. is owned by the HOA (everyone) in an undivided interest.

Maintenance Responsibilities

Our community is a PUD. In a PUD, homeowners pay for their own repairs and insurance, however homeowner dues, which is managed by the home owners association (HOA), pay for maintenance of the common areas such as grass mowing or pool maintenance.