Parking Lot Construction Update – August 15, 2014

Parking on Redwood Rd

UDOT just informed us that starting Sunday night, due to their construction schedule on Redwood Rd, that parking will not be allowed on the West side of Redwood Rd until further notice. Parking on the East side of Redwood Rd will be allowed. Please be sure to remove your vehicle from the West side of Redwood Rd no later than Sunday night. UDOT informed us that vehicles left parked on the West side after Sunday night will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Parking Lot Paving Schedule

The team of engineers with Precision Asphalt wants to ensure us that they are doing their best while being able to provide the utmost quality and longevity as the reconstruct our parking lot. Conversely, Mother nature refuses to cooperate! Precision asphalt did an inspection of our construction and the informed us that our new road base will require one (1) additional day to dry.

Asphalt pavements are designed to last for many years, so don’t let a sense of urgency to get the job done quickly influence us to make decisions which could strip years away from the pavement life. The inclement weather impacts the ability to create a stable, well-draining crushed aggregate base that is extremely important in paving. New pavement must be placed on a firm, unyielding base. In addition, rain will cool the asphalt mix and makes obtaining proper compaction level more difficult.  In addition, the asphalt lifts must be able to properly bond together and moisture can be a hindrance to that bond. Lastly, paving over water causes the water to turn to steam, which causes separation of the asphalt binder and striping.

While we understand the impact and inconvenience the parking lot construction is having on our homeowners, please be patient. Your patience will pay off in the long run so we can enjoy a long lasting parking lot for many years to come.

The Wingate parking lot construction schedule has been revised due to inclement weather.

  • August 16th – Saturday – Final preparation for the concrete waterway and paving in area 1 and entrance.
  • August 17th – Sunday – No work.
  • August 18th – Monday – Installation of concrete waterway in area 1.
  • August 19th – Tuesday – Paving of area 1 and entrance. Entrance will be done one lane at a time to allow for traffic.
  • August 20th – Wednesday – Crack and seal coat, and re-stripping for areas 1 and 2 (South side of entrance).
  • August 21st – Thursday – Crack and seal coat, and re-stripping for area 3 (North side of entrance).

Areas of the parking lot will be restricted during construction. The construction crew will use barricades and tape to identify the restricted areas. You cannot drive vehicles into these areas, no exceptions! If a vehicle associated with your unit has driven through a restricted area, the homeowner will be assessed a $500 fine and be responsible for damages caused and the cost of repair. If your reserve spot is within a restricted area, please do not leave your vehicle parked in your reserved spot.

Some residents may not have access to their reserved parking during construction. In lieu of your reserved parking, you may park your vehicle on the West side of the community (except on August 21st) or on the southbound side of Redwood road until the evening of Sunday August 17th, after which time you can park on the northbound side of Redwood Road. (Please obey the construction signs on Redwood Road, as UDOT may make changes to these permissions after the time of this post.) The Wingate HOA has cleared parking on Redwood road with Salt Lake City and Dry Creek Construction; the company working on Redwood road construction.

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