Our Managing Agent

Managing Agent’s Contact Information

Phone: 801.641.1844
Emergency Only Hotline: 801.341.9648
Email: Manager@WingateTownHomes.com
Action Request: Click here to access the Agent’s website to submit an action request. Please note, registration is required for those who do not already have an account with on our Agent’s website.

What roles does a Managing Agent play?

The Wingate Village HOA Board is pleased to announce that they have hired Advanced Community Services as our management company. Using a managing agent will positively affect many operations of our community, allowing everyone to better enjoy your community! In particular we are confident that communication will increase, and will be greatly improved, between the Wingate HOA and our homeowners. Homeowner communication is vital to a happy and harmonious environment within our community. We strive to inspire communication between fellow homeowners, volunteer (HOA) officers, and our managing agent.

Advance Community Services is equipped to help our community in emergency situations. They are also available to answer any question you have, whether it is regarding your account, community services, community property, community projects, complaints, maintenance request, dues, violations, or any other question concerning your membership within our community. The majority of questions should be addressed through our managing agent.

If you have a question, they are best posted through an  “action item” on our managing agent’s website HELP.WingateTownhomes.com. You may also contact ACS by telephone at 801.641.1844 or by e-mail at Manager@WingateTownhomes.com. To use the ACS website, Residents will need to register and subsequently log-on. A video tutorial showing how you register for website access can be found below: