About Us


The Wingate Village Townhome community is governed by a homeowners association, which consist of volunteer homeowners who live within our community and a managing agent. Officers of the board have a primary duty to preserve the integrity of our assets and maintain community appearance. This is facilitated through our governing documents. As a homeowner, you are obligated to abide by our governing documents which include our Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions and Rules and Regulations. The CC&Rs provide legal structure about how our homeowners association operates along with a high level viewpoint concerning what is permissible by homeowners. By contrast, our Rules and Regulations provide specific details about what is permissible or restricted within our Association. Please take a moment and read through our community documents so that you may understand how the Wingate Village Townhomes Association operates and what is allowable by our members.

Our Community Board of Directors

Aldo Tavares,  President

Aldo has lived at Wingate since 2008 and one of the many things he loves about it, it is how strategically located our community is. Aldo has been a member of our community’s ‘Parking Committee’ and has helped revise the Rules and Regulations in order to provide a better parking experience to all Wingate residents and guests. Aldo felt the need to increase his share of contribution to the community and in January of 2014 he ran for the HOA board where he now performs the role of Vice-President.

Aldo, being a transplant from out of state, doesn’t understand where Utah has been all his life but he plans to call Utah home for the rest of his life. He has acquired experience in the retail industry where he managed personnel and more than one million dollars in sales and inventory. Aldo finally embraced his inner nerd and decided to switch careers and develop his skills in the IT business. Since then, Aldo has been in the IT industry and he loves every minute of it. Aldo currently works full time at the IT department of a well-established Utah company.

Jeffrey Wood, Vice President

Jeffrey joined the Wingate Village HOA in 2012 by making his first home purchase. Jeffrey brings a unique perspective and creative energy within our team. Jeffrey adds a decade of technology and financial experience, working for such companies as Lincoln Financial Group, FISERV, AT&T Business and IP Networks, and Verizon Wireless. When Jeffrey isn’t working, he likes to spend time in the outdoors and taking long rides on his road bike.

What do I do for fun? Well the fun and most important parts of my life are filled with cycling, swimming, and outdoor recreation. I love cycling and have raced in past years. I took 6th place in my division in a LOTOJA race and I enjoy the rush of road cycling. Looking back over the years, one of my favorite cycling experiences was a 545-mile trek down the pacific coast. On a foggy San Franciscan morning, our tires hit the tarmac and a seven days later we arrived in sunny Santa Monica! I also swim regularly with a local community team. So as you can see, I enjoy staying fit and active.

Calvin Zulich , Secretary

Calvin joined the Wingate Village HOA board in 2016.

Our Community Manager

The Wingate Village HOA Board has hired a managing agent. The management company assigns a qualified Account Executive as the association’s liaison to the Board, owners, residents, and all vendors and professionals doing business with the Association. That person, often called the AE, will attend meetings, provide information, receive instruction and carry out tasks as assigned by the Board. The AE will assist with budgeting, collections, contracts, inspections, and assist with the employees of the Association. The AE will instruct, evaluate and offer guidance to the Resident Manager and other employees of the association and assist the Resident Manager in establishing a schedule of inspections and servicing for maintenance. Other departments within the management company provide Accounting, Administrative, and Human Resources services. Together with the AE, this team of people will carry out the duties as set forth in the Management Agreement with the association. For more information about our community manager, please click here.

Our Location

We are located at 475 North Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84116. To map our location, please click here.