New Management Company – HOA of Utah

Dear Wingate Village Homeowners:

We are HOA Management of Utah, the new management company selected by your HOA Board to manage the community. We are very excited about managing your beautiful community and want to welcome you to the HOA of UTAH Family. If you have a community issue or concern please call us (801) 485-1086. You can also email us at . If you have an after-hours emergency please contact our after-hours service at (801) 634-0143.

We would like to better understand your personal experience while living in the Wingate Community. No one can report to us better than you. We would very much appreciate your taking a few moments to fill out the Questionnaire. We sincerely desire to provide you with excellent management and maintenance service and encourage you to take the needed time to fill out the questionnaire and return it to us. You are welcome to leave your name and address on the questionnaire so that we may better service you if there are specific requirements that need immediate attention. Also please fill out the Contact Form to make sure that all of your information on file is current.

You will still be able go to and view your website. On the website there are several services that can keep you better connected to your community and we will be adding several other features as well in the months to come. Example of these services are: online bill pay, violations forms, work orders, minutes from meetings, financials for the HOA and several other items to help keep you community looking beautiful and running smoothly. Please make sure to register for access to the site.

Please be sure to mail your future HOA Payments to the address below.

Wingate Village
3335 South 900 East Suite #230
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Thank you again and we are looking forward to working for you,

Chris Bowden

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