Mr. Paskett, thank you for your three years of service to our community.

We’ve all received the party invitation with a note letting us know that gifts are not requested–Your presence is present enough. Some of us take the cue, while others go above and beyond and bring a gift despite the note. I like to think that association board members, through their election or appointment to their boards, receive an invitation to the big party of the boardroom.

I would like to encourage you to send a thank you to Mr. Kenneth Paskett for his presence on the board. He has fulfilled his (3) year commitment as Board President. Kenneth, thank you for your service to our community. We have a tremendous respect for you because you volunteered to serve on our homeowner association board. Each year of service, you offered countless time and invaluable talent to our community. Let’s be honest: it is largely a thankless job. The pay is terrible (zero pay), the hours unpredictable, and the rewards are often limited to that warm feeling that comes from giving back to your community. Thank you for sticking with it even when other homeowners disagreed with your approach or when friendships are strained due to your decisions in the boardroom. Thank you for keeping the best interests of our community at the forefront of your efforts. Thank you for compromising and acknowledging your emotions and learning from your mistakes. Thank you for leading!

Thank you for all of the tasks and outcomes that you accomplished over the past three years. While others were sleeping, working, tending to their families, or (occasionally) criticizing your work, you and other board members did the following:

  • Learned about our community’s business operations, the extensive laws that apply to homeowner associations, how sitting in the director’s seat seems to change relationships with neighbors, and that acting in the best interest of the community is not just about responding to the loudest or most persistent voices
  • Managed projects to renew our parking facilities and other improvement projects throughout our community
  • Hired a new management company and assisted with the transition in order to protect our association and improve our relationship between homeowner, leadership, and managing agent
  • Explained the need for a budget that included increases to dues in order to prepare for future maintenance cost and to minimize the burden of special assessments
  • Spent countless hours preparing annual budgets, sending notices, and responding to homeowner inquiries
  • Faced removal by a vote of your fellow homeowners for making the unpopular choice to fund our reserve account and to prepare for maintenance cost ahead
  • Pursued collection of unpaid assessments from your neighbors and sought to enforce our covenants
  • Made the somewhat unpopular decision to allocate money toward projects that protect people and property rather than applying “window dressing” to our community
  • Released a new website that makes it easier to stay informed with community issues and information
  • Performed countless other tasks that challenged you, took you out of your comfort zone, and made you wonder what you got yourself into as a board member

Kenneth Paskett, we appreciate your volunteer service to our community. Any board member can tell you that just showing up is not enough to run an association successfully. Warm bodies in board seats will not get the job done. But we rarely find board members who show up regularly and does not contribute in some other meaningful way. There is some truth to Woody Allen’s oft-quoted statement that “eighty percent of success is showing up.” For all those board members who show up, your presence is a gift to our communities.

If you have the opportunity, please send a thank you to Kenneth Paskett for his (3) years of service and for his persistence in serving our community. Thank you for your service to our community!