Keep a watchful eye using CrimeReports


CrimeReports™ auto-publishes crime data from your RMS or CAD systems. Citizens can access and browse crime information as shown on a map from any computer or mobile device and are able to submit anonymous tips through the platform. Click here to open CrimeReports.

Integrate with Existing Systems

CrimeReports™ integrates with your existing RMS or CAD system. Your agency’s crime information is simply mapped to the available crime types in CrimeReports™ and then shown as an icon on the CrimeReports’™ map. At the click of a mouse, citizen’s can review the crime type, time, general location, and name of the agency that published it for every icon.

  • Citizens can view crime for any date range
  • Victim’s identity protected
  • Show descriptive crime information as desired with Custom Narrative Fields

Provide Access to Crime Alerts and Updates

With CrimeReports™ you can allow citizens to register to receive official alerts from your agency. They can also request daily, weekly, or monthly updates on any number of crime types listed on your agency map. This information is provided effortlessly and seamlessly through automated email messaging.

  • Clear, transparent, and timely communication
  • Reduce public inquiries

Solicit Community Involvement

Solving crimes just got easier with the tip submission tool built directly into CrimeReports™. Anonymous tip capabilities increases citizen action in the policing process and helps you deliver justice faster.

  • The only truly anonymous tip submission platform
  • Two-way dialogue available through email

Gain Greater Flexibility

Add the CrimeReports™ map directly to your agency controlled Website – pre-calibrated to show the exact geographical boundaries lines that illustrate your jurisdiction.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

CrimeReports™ offers free access to mobile applications for smart phones and tablet devices. So agencies can provide anytime, anywhere access to crime maps and information.



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