For Sale, For Rent – What you need to know about sign placement…


Your home, our front yard. Living within a HOA community means we share common property and have certain obligations to follow. Rules are needed to keep the peace and maintain high value of your assets and your home. The few rules we have are not meant to be intrusive. They are meant to be inclusive. If all comply with the rules, better neighbor relations will result. That’s a good thing, right?

This approach is intended to promote community. Then you get to the heart of the issue, sign placement and our rules on sign placement. (CC&R – Section 10.5 – dated 8/20/2003)

…Town Home for sale or for rent (sign) may be placed within each Town Home Of within the Common Area immediately adjacent thereto by the Owner of such Town Horne, the location and size of such shall be subject to approval by the Association

The majority of our homeowners are rule abiding citizens, but violations can still happen.  We believe that you are a good neighbor and would not knowingly violate our rules. These governing documents ensure our community operates smoothly while providing guidelines to preserve the appearance and protect our community’s value. If you are planning to rent or sell your unit, please submit a request to HOA first via ( action item.