Report trash and illegal dumping to Salt Lake City immediately!


We envision a community where every roadway is clean, green, and a beautiful place to call home. Did you know, Littered environments attract more litter. Careless and casual disposal of trash or waste, often along Redwood Road and in other public places impacts your property value. We have noticed an increase of illegal dumping along Redwood Road. The more homeowners who make a report, the more attention we get from the city. We hope to motivate the city to provide a regular patrol for illegal dumping.

Help us keep our community clean by:

  1. Reporting illegal dump/litter to the Sale Lake City Help Department by calling 385-468-3835 or use their mobile application found here.
  2. Hook One, Dunk One, Put it Away, Gotta Play that Trash Ball Every. Place all trash and litter in proper receptacles.

Littering negatively impacts our community aesthetics, community pride, property values, and public health. Let’s do our part in keeping our community clean and our property value up.