Dryer Vent Cover Installation

As was mentioned in the June 2013 Newsletter, the Board is
requiring all Units to install dryer vent covers.  (Article
quoted below) Please be sure you use care when having the covers
installed, as we do not want to have the installation of these
covers cause damage to the stucco, during installation or after, as
water could leak inside and cause internal damage. A community
member, Jeffrey Wood,  found and provided a good link with
instruction on how to go about doing the install, http://www.ehow.com/how_7589578_mount-screws-stucco.html.
 He also pointed out the vented slats are not adequate at
keeping smaller birds out.  He was able to find a decent deal on a dryer vent cover from
.  Thanks Jeffrey! Article from June
2013 Newsletter:

Many units within the
community do not have covers on their dryer vents. Exterior dryer
vents are common nesting place for birds, as they provide a
nice warm place to build a nest. If you currently have a bird
nesting in your dryer vent it is recommended that you contact
wildlife officials to see if it is okay to remove the nest. Nests in
the dryer vents are not only a nuisance, but they are also a fire
hazard. Because of this fire hazard the Board of Directors is
requiring that home owners install a dryer vent cover during the
month of June. At the end of June, if no dryer vent cover has
been installed, owners will receive one final notice to install the
cover. If the cover has still not been installed after the notice
deadline, the Board will have the cover installed and the
homeowners will be assessed the cost of the installation. If you
are unable to install a vent cover due to an active bird nest and
are unable to remove it due to the wildlife official guidance,
please inform the Board of the

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