Don’t be a “trashy” neighbor!

Please help us keep our community tidy, do not leave trash, bags, or waste outside on your front porch at any time. Garbage is not permitted to be placed in the front of your unit, doing so might yield a fine. If you would like to know more information, please review our Law of the Land page. As a reminder, “All rubbish, trash, refuse, waste, dust, debris and garbage shall be regularly removed from the Units, Limited Common Area and Common Areas and shall not be allowed to accumulate thereon. Seasonal tree and bush trimmings too large for landscape waste bags may be stored no longer than seven days in the rear only of your unit. Littering in the common area is prohibited. ” (Wingate Rules & Regulations)

All household trash should be disposed in the Northwest or Southwest dumpster. All other community receptacles should be used to dispose of impromptu trash. Please do not place your household trash in these receptacles.

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