Rules & Regulations


In accordance with Article (3) section (2) of the CC&Rs, the Board may, “establish rules further governing the project.” It is understood that such rules shall apply and be binding upon all Unit Owners, tenants, subtenants or other occupants of the Units. The Unit Owner is responsible for communicating the Rules and Regulations to occupants and guests and will be liable for fines incurred and damages caused by occupants and guests.

These Rules and Regulations have been adopted with the intent of clarifying, not replacing, certain points of the CC&Rs. All owners should be familiar with both the Rules and Regulations and the CC&Rs. This will help maintain the community as a first-class association and provide Residents with guidelines for living together as neighbors. A successful Association is a community of Owners who exhibit a pride of homeownership and share a common vision as to what constitutes a desirable neighborhood. As such, the Board has unanimously adopted the following rules and regulations as of the effective date listed on this document.

Membership in the Association runs with the property. Each buyer of property within the community is bound by the governing documents of the Association that include the Declaration (CC&Rs), By-laws, Rules & Regulations and Architectural Guidelines. Homeowners who oppose a particular rule or regulation are asked to keep the following points in mind:

  • Living in an Association means one must adhere to certain rules and regulations due to the necessity for architectural conformity and the demands of the governing documents, which exist for the benefit of our community and helps to maintain our property values.
  • Owners have the right to petition the community to change a regulation if he/she feels that a particular regulation no longer applies or is unduly restrictive of the majority.
    If an owner is found in violation and is fined, remember this action is taken because the majority of Owners in the Association consider it to be just and proper.
  • Effective Rules & Regulations requires the cooperation of all Residents of the Association. The best approach to resolving a difference with a neighbor is to talk to your neighbor directly. However, should this not resolve the problem, an official complaint can be filed with the Community Manager and/or Board. Each Resident’s cooperation and participation is encouraged. This is your Association and these are your rules. Let’s work together to have a great community.

Effective January 1, 2014

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