Paying your dues

Our managing agent, offers several methods to pay your monthly dues. As a new homeowner, please contact our managing agent after taking possession of your new home to ensure your account is ready to go. Our monthly dues do occasionally change due to inflation and/or the increase of the cost of goods and services.

Homeowners may choose to pay their monthly dues by using one of several payment methods:

  1. Mailing a Check: Please send a monthly check, ensuring your unit # is listed on the check, directly to:
    Wingate Village
    C/O Advanced Community Services
    P.O. Box 179
    Lehi, Utah. 84043
  2. Banking Bill Pay: Set up the bill pay to follow the same instructions as payment by check, making sure that your unit # is included on the bill pay check from the bank.
  3. Automatic (ACH) Bank Withdraw: To have your payment automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month.
    1. Go to and login.
    2. Once you have logged in, create an action item requesting ACH withdrawals.
  4. Online Credit Card: To make an online credit card payment.
    1. Go to and login.
    2. Once you have logged into the website, select the payments tab.

What do your monthly dues cover?

Living at Wingate Village Townhomes community has its advantages. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy your home without having to worry about mowing the lawn, snow removal, or paying your water bill. However, these service do not come for free. Knowing where your HOA fees go can make your experience better overall. HOA fees maintain the quality of life for our community’s residents and protect property values for all owners.The monthly HOA fee is often referred to as a “member assessment,” which is outlined within our governing documents. While assessment is technically the correct term, the fact is, these fees are better understood as our monthly property maintenance and utility fees.

In general, your monthly HOA fee covers:

  • Community Services:  Which includes trash removal, water, and sewage.
  • Insurance: This only includes insurance for damages of the outside of the building and the property around it.
    • Homeowners are still require to hold individual policies to cover and protect your home.
  • Maintenance: Which covers common area buildings, fitness rooms, side walks, security gates, roofing, and building exteriors.  
  • Grounds Keeping: This includes common area landscaping, snow removal, clubhouse supplies, and pool operations.
  • Repairs: This includes items, such as roof leaks, exterior painting, and pavement repairs. It also includes the cost of clubhouse repairs.
  • Reserve Account Contributions: In general, we should also have enough money to set aside for reserve account contributions. This account is used for future big-ticket items, such as roofs, siding, and parking lot repaving.

Your monthly HOA fee provides you with the convenience of having some labor-free amenities. However, keep in mind that the HOA fees may increase each year as the cost of services go up. For instance, if the value of our property goes up, then the insurance cost could also go up. This means that your HOA fee would need to increase to cover the increase in premium cost.