Community Key Fob Request Form

Community Key Fob Request
A key fob is simply an electronic key. Simply swipe or touch the key fob on the sensor and voila, you’re in! Please note that by accepting a key fob you reaffirm to abide by the governing documents of the community, including pool rules. Failure to follow the governing documents may result in loss of privileges and applicable fines. Please note, in order for the key to remain active you must stay current on your dues.- One key fob will be provided to each unit at no cost.
– Homeowners are the only ones who can request a key fob.
– An additional or replacement key fob will cost $20.00.
– Tenants need to request key fobs to their landlords (homeowner). If a tenant would like to have a key fob, the tenant can request it to the homeowner and the homeowner makes a request to the HOA.

  1. To request a key fob, please login to our agent’s action request system by clicking here. If you need help using the agent’s action request system, please refer to our training video here.
  2. Create an action request ticket and provide the following: name, telephone number, and that you are requesting a key fob. 
  3. You will receive confirmation from the Agent’s action request system.