$500 Fine to Non-Compliant Landlords

Section 3.12 of the Rules and Regulations states that, “Any agreement for the leasing, rental, or occupancy of a Unit (herinafter referred to as a “lease”) shall be in writing and a copy thereof shall be delivered along
with proof of background check to the Management Committee before the term of the lease commences.”

As only a few landlords have been in compliance with this rule the board voted during the April meeting to fine all units who are in violation of this rule with an immediate $500 fine per month until they are in

It is important for Landlords to ensure that the HOA has current and accurate contact information for them, as owners, as well as for their tenants. In addition, Landlords need to ensure that they as well as their
tenants are following the rules of the community. Providing this information to the HOA will help in the management of the community.

If you have questions about your compliance or your landlord’s compliance with this rule, please contact the HOA.

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