An opportunity to transform our community through volunteer efforts. Can you help us?


Do you have a talent or expertise that you would like to share with our community? Please contact us by clicking here! We would like to hear from you! You are the most valued resources in our community and the strength of our community is directly related to the effective volunteer efforts of our owners. Be empowered to transform our community into an better place. During a recent meeting, many of you asked for better communication. To solve this, we are looking for volunteers to form a communication committee to help make the difference you want! By joining a committee, you will be empowered to make a changes in our community.

There is a lot of work involved in running our community and communication is important. We have (3) volunteer board members, but their responsibilities extend well beyond communication. Our resources are stretched and that is where you can help! The Board will continue with the heavy lifting of the Association and its projects and our communications committee will work together with the HOA Board, Management, and Staff, to inform, engage, and educate residents and other interested parties regarding issues important to their understanding of, and participation in, the neighborhood. Members of the Communications Committee endeavor to ensure that HOA communications increase resident awareness of neighborhood news and events, as well as inform them of the needs and benefits of living in this community. 

Our commitment is to build a sense of community by fostering two-way communication, while at the same time, presenting accurate information in a timely and convenient manner. Following our community’s governance, members of the Communications Committee will make recommendations about correspondence, newsletter, our web site, and other Association communications on an as-needed basis. Committee members will review communication plans, provide feedback, and help with the disseminating information. This may include contacting homeowners proactively to answer questions, receive feedback, or to welcome new homeowners to our community. The Committee will meet once per year to set goals and priorities, as well as to plan out any annual calendar events. Additional meetings are scheduled as necessary, and committee members remain in contact with each other via phone and email throughout the year.

Perhaps you have another expertise or a talent you would like to share with our community. If so, we would be delighted to hear from you. Volunteers bring a variety of experience, backgrounds, education and perspectives to the table. This diversity often combines both traditional and new approaches for carrying out tasks— adding efficiencies and bringing new ideas that a successful community needs. Our community can only gain by your volunteer benefits! We appreciate you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Your Neighbors,

Kenneth, Aldo, and Jeffrey