The weather is starting to show signs of Spring – Things to know before you start a Springtime project.

The weather is starting to show signs of Spring — what a delight! It is time to start thinking outside the house. This a great time of year to do some spring cleaning and start sprucing up our yards and homes. Please remember to refer to the copy of your covenants for guidelines in making any changes and/or repairs to the exterior of your home. For example: Did you know your front door should be kept in good condition and uniform to the rest of the community. A copy of the covenants and guidelines can be accessed through our website,

Any changes or additions to the exterior of your homes should be approved by the HOA before any work is done. Getting approval before a project is started will ensure neighborhood guidelines are met and help you avoid added expense that may be incurred if a project does not comply with HOA guidelines and has to be redone or removed.

We have some beautiful homes and yards in our community, let us all pitch in to keep it that way. Keeping our homes in top condition also goes a long way in keeping home values up. Nothing beats taking a walk through our neighborhood when the sun is out and the trees are in bloom!